My story where it all started

Fashion, both design and production has been my passion since I can remember. As a little girl, I couldn't be left unattended around curtains, table cloths or anything that could possibly be turned into a dress. At the age of twelve, I designed my first dress and haven't stopped since.I used to sell my dresses through my own shop in Oxford, and built up a loyal client base whom I now serve from a small design studio in London. My customers vary from corporate lawyers to personal trainers to full time homemakers, of all body sizes and types, but sharing an appreciation for elegance and long-lasting quality.I never let my designs be compromised through poor materials or workmanship - I own nine sewing machines, all of which serve a particular purpose, and the stitching is always better quality than that typically found on high street clothing, and I hand check all fabrics to ensure quality and perfection. My dresses will last for years, as my own overflowing wardrobes will attest to!While my methods and fabrics have evolved, that first dress passion remains embossed in all my collections to date.

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